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Expanding Networks Opening New Markets

At Trimax, we fully understand Trade Missions both from the sponsor’s and the delegate’s points of view and know how much attention to detail, hard work and planning goes in to ensure a successful Mission for all parties. As part of the Trimax Group we are able to leverage a vast amount of buying power across all methods of travel. Our expert team of consultants are here to ensure all requirements are met.

Trimax Trade Missions are strong in all regions of the globe:


Celestial group are so much more than a Travel Management Company – we fully understand Trade Missions both from the sponsors and the delegates point of view and know how much attention to detail, hard work and planning goes in to guaranteeing a successful Mission for all parties.

Services For Sponsors

The Celestial Team works together with Sponsors to oversee the smooth-running of each Delegation. We can be involved as much or as little as you need us to be: acting as an extension of your team or as a partner in a joint venture. We can provide a full management solution or simply act as your travel provider. We put in the hard work to ensure that your brand and your Mission is a success.

Trade Delegation Management

We understand that no two Missions are the same, thus the requirements can vary significantly. To meet this need, Celestial Trade Missions offer a tailored management solution where we can offer as much or as little support as you require. Subsequently each mission is bespoke to all sponsors and can involve any of the following elements:

Mission Launch

The Mission will always remain under the control of the Sponsor, Celestial Trade Missions will ensure that all details including the delegation prospectus, are approved by the Sponsor prior to launch.

Marketing, Recruitment & Delegate Engagement

Once approved all Mission details are uploaded to the Celestial website. The Celestial Trade Missions team will then deliver expert online and offline activity to encourage delegates to apply for more information about each Mission. A launch email is sent to our extensive database of potential delegates ensuring your Mission reaches the most relevant audience possible. A series of marketing emails are dispatched and a follow up programme put into place to contact all interested parties.


Celestial Team will produce all the necessary Mission documentation, including; processing delegate applications, booking reports, collation, translation and printing of the Mission brochure as well as handling all communication with delegates and collating guest lists for the Mission reception. Programme information is often built around the specific needs of the Mission delegates, should the schedule be subject to update the Celestial team are on hand to process these changes. All Mission management information is then passed to the Mission sponsor prior to departure in the form of a “Master List”.


Celestial Team will organise and attend any pre-briefing meeting arranged and supply hand-outs to Mission delegates.


We offer an optional travel package to delegates: booking flights, hotels and arranging airport transfers. We are also able to arrange in-market transportation, meeting rooms, networking events and security.

Mission feedback & Future Planning

Post Mission Celestial team will follow up with delegates to obtain their feedback which is then shared with the sponsor for analysis and future planning. This may include a post-mission roundtable debrief with sponsors and or delegates to analyse learning and discuss the potential of future engagement.


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