About Us

Our Purpose

To build trust in society and solve important problems. Our purpose is what guides our decisions and shapes our conversations. It shows our commitment to working towards the highest quality outcomes for our clients, people and society.

Our Values

Our values define who we are and what we stand for. Our values are what we have in common and define how we behave and work with our clients, communities and each other. They allow us to deliver on our purpose with agility, capture our shared aspirations, determine our success and hold us accountable to exceed expectations.

Our Strategies

Trimax Immigration Services has strategies to help migrants to make Canada their home and support them to fully participate in and contribute to all aspects of Canada's Life. We deliver dynamic solutions by helping clients make informed decisions and operate effectively within them.

Research & Statistics

We do statistics and research on how many people come and go from Canada through us, the reason for their visit and if they come as residents how well  they settle here. Trimax immigration conducts surveys among applicants who have applied for their visa through us.

Our Approach

 New and innovative call-based and web-based services and offerings are introduced time-to-time to assist clients. We help in processing your visa application in accordance to the country’s latest regulations & provide tailor made visa solutions as each immigrant is unique and we don't apply standard template but customize a solution as per client's needs.

Best class service & Communication

We follow through and provide regular updates on the progress of each client's case. Be rest assured that you will not be left alone in your endeavours to fulfill your dream of permanently settling down in canada. Ask as many questions as you want, we will try and answer all your queries. We aim at helping you choose the best option for you and for us nothing less would do.

Checking Text on a Document
  Moving to a new country 
  is a once in a lifetime  
  adventure. Allow 
  a professional to take care 
  of the procedure, so you 
  can fully enjoy your 
  new start.   

Why Us ?

Integrity at the workplace environment

Integrity is the foundation on which Trimax immigration services builds relationships, trust, and effective interpersonal relationships. We demonstrate sound moral and ethical principles at work.


We ​Make a Difference

​We meet diverse client needs with differentiated instructions.We commit to continually better ourselves. We engage with clients in open, mutually-beneficial way.​ We use our power well and wisely mainly to build up and elevate others.

We Care about our Clients

People are social beings. Human connection is a basic need; therefore, relationships matter. When clients have the resources of their work getting rightly done, they are available to be engaged.

We Work Together

We focus mainly on working together by appropriate Team Communication, Team meetings and Team decision-making. It helps in driving the momentum.

We Re-imagine the possibilities

When seismic shifts occur in our business and community, we are called on to look to our values and what matters most and then to re-imagine what can and must be done.


Let's Introduce to our Team Members

Mr. Rajiv Choudhary - Principal

Mrs Prerana Kadam  - Official Paperwork and Marketing